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The Mission of Valley Community Loan Fund, a newly operational nonprofit community development organization is to assist in the creation of sustainable communities.

We intend to pursue this mission by:

  1. Lending to and investing in nonprofit community facilities and  affordable housing and conservation of “Field, Farm and Forest” property.
  2. The Fund will also pursue its mission by soliciting gifts of property that can be redeployed for multiple purposes to advance community development.
  3. The Fund plans to actively engage in long term property ownership and development of facilities dedicated to its economic and social missions.  

Social missions we support include forest and agricultural conservation, affordable housing and community facilities.

We believe that the acquisition of real estate is the most certain way to be assured that resources which we acquire can be perpetually dedicated to the social missions which we support.

Potential property donors and their gift advisors should contact us directly about the sophisticated tax planning opportunities which the Fund can offer.

The Fund’s operations and portfolio lending function is dependent on the acquisition of capital. Support this process by contributing to the Fund using the Gift Form

All donations are tax deductible

See our IRS Charitable Designation letter at Designation


The Directors of VCLF are

Merilynn Bourne, Chair of VCLF and Executive Director of Listen Community Services, a crisis services provider.

Paul Tierney, retired entrepreneur and bank president with nearly thirty years as nonprofit board member.

Ron Michaud, retired social services executive

Jonathan Chaffee retired low income housing executive

Richard Wierwille, retired Reverend




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